UV Light Cell Phone Sterilizer Cell Phone Cleaners UV Light Sanitizer Box

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Product Description

This product is a multi-functional sterilizing aromatherapy device, with diverse functions of sterilization and aromatherapy.

It uses ultraviolet sterilization technology to kill the bacteria on the article at any Angle. After testing by the authority, disinfection for 3 minutes can effectively kill escherichia coli, albicans, staphylococcus and other common bacteria. This product has four ultraviolet sterilizing lamps, which are respectively located on the two sides of the machine. The interior is provided with pad height and reserved space. The ultraviolet light can pass through without dead corner smoothly and cover the upper, lower and left surface of the sterilized product.

 ***UV radiation kills viruses and bacteria by damaging their genetic material (DNA and RNA). Of the three main types of UV light, UVC (which has a wavelength range of 200 to 280 nm) is the most effective for inactivating viruses, with the most effect wavelength being about 260 nm

 Product Specification

Inner Size: 180*100*22mm

Power Sterilize: 4*1W

Input Voltage: DC 5V

USB Output: 5V 1A

Max Capacity: 6.5 inch Cell Phone

Max Power: 9W

 Using Instructions

Press the coating button, voice broadcast disinfection began four ultraviolet light on. After 5 minutes the progress bar reaches 100%, then voice broadcasting finished Sterilization.

Press the incense button, voice broadcast starts aromatherapy, after 3 minutes, the progress bar reached 100%, then voice broadcast finished aromatherapy.

If you need to charge for mobile phone or other device. you may use this USB output as well. 

 Scope of Application

Phones up to 6.5 inches, and small items that can fit inside, headphones/wallets/masks/Socks/watches/jewelry. etc.

 Matters Attention

Disinfection/aromatherapy can be performed simultaneously.

Please use the original power supply line, the non-original power supply line may affect the normal work of the sterilizer.


Please do not look at the UV lamp directly!

Do not let children play with machine!